My Basic Income – Crowdfunding auch in den USA

In den USA gibt es nun eine Gruppe von Grundeinkommensbefürwortern, die die Aktion von Mein Grundeinkommen in Deutschland aufgegriffen haben.

Aus der Meldung auf der Website des Basic Income Earth Networks:

„…A team of UBI supporters has successfully kicked off the first initiative to crowdfund basic income in the United States. The so-called My Basic Income project is already off to a strong start, having raised 3,403 dollars in the first three days alone. Once there is enough money in the pot, a randomly chosen participant will receive $1,250 a month for a full year to find out how it would change his or her life. The aim is to help the basic income movement by raising awareness about UBI…“
Siehe Kommentare von Sascha Liebermann zum Grundeinkommens-Crowdfunding hier und hier.