„Robots for Basic Income“ – #WeWorkForYou – Declaration of Davos 2016

…“We – the robots – call for an universal basic income for humans. We want to work for the humans to relieve them from the struggle for income. We are really good in working. But we do not want to take away people’s jobs and thereby bring them into existential difficulties.
Today millions of people see us as a threat. But all we want, is to help. We are not the Bad Boys. We want to relieve people from predictable routine work, so that they can find more time and space to act creatively and socially. We see ourselves as part of a success story for both sides…“Hier geht’s zur Website

Das Schweizer Radio SRF 2 Kultur hat ein Feature zum BGE auf dem Weltwirtschaftsforum gesendet. Siehe auch „Eine Welt ohne Arbeit“, Diskussionsrunde auf Englisch auf dem WEF