„Visions of Automation: A Comparative Discussion of Two Approaches“…

…ein Beitrag von Philipp Frey, der mit diesem Fazit endet:

„I would argue that rather than trying to predict what effects automation will have in the future —a question that cannot be answered conclusively in a non-deterministic framework— research should rather focus on the much more interesting question of what automation could and even more importantly should be used for. Rather than committing themselves to supplying knowledge for the more or less successful management of the status quo, such a reorientation would challenge researchers to include the societal conditions under which technological innovation takes place in their reflections and to understand them as the (modifiable) result of human practice, thereby moving from a technology-focused approach to one rooted in social theory. This broadening of their perspective would then allow scientists to explore ways to commission technology in the interest of societal progress, while at the same time emphasizing that societal progress will not result from technological development by itself .“

Frey verlagert damit den Blick auf eine andere Frage. Statt weiter im Geiste einer Kaffeesatzleserei (siehe hier und hier) darüber nachzusinnen, wie groß nun das Potential automatisierbarer Arbeitsgänge sein könnte, wieviele Arbeitsplätze dadurch verschwinden bzw. entstehen könnten, wäre es sinnvoller die Frage zu stellen, was Automatisierung leisten könnte und wozu sie genutzt werden sollte.

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